Mrs. Gookin

Education/Certification: TX. Cert., B.A. Ed. – General Education with specialization in Kindergarten.

Mrs. Gookin received her degree from the University of Texas and has taught a number of grades from Pre-First through Junior High. She has been a County and School Science Fair Judge several times in addition to winning 1st place with Brookfield’s Pre-First class at the Regional Science Fair. She is also trained in our math program, Singapore Math. Mrs. Gookin first found her way to Brookfield’s program in 2004, and from then on, it has been her favorite place to teach. Consistent with her educational specialization, Mrs. Gookin’s first love has always been the Pre-First grade level and she is very excited to teach Pre-First at Brookfield. Mrs. Gookin moved to the Reno area in 1997 with her husband and two children, and continues to live in the south Reno area. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, cooking, board games, swimming, and dog agility training with her Australian Shepherd, “Vader”.