Brookfield School provides a private academic setting where young people prosper in thought and imagination. Students learn competence and character as individuals as well as members of a school community. Brookfield is committed to the overall development of each child. We provide strong academic instruction in the basic skills as well as a wide variety of cultural and aesthetic experiences.

Because there are great differences among children of the same age we use factors other than chronological age to create a strong planning program in each classroom in our Pre-school, Middle and Elementary Schools. Meeting high level intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of young people is important to student success.


Brookfield School was founded in Sacramento in 1962 and opened in Reno, Nevada in 1978 and both locations continue to serve the educational needs of the community. Brookfield School- Reno is an independent, co-educational day school for 250 students in pre-school through eighth grade. Brookfield School and parents have a shared vision of an academically rich and rigorous, non-denominational educational program. We have a pre-school campus to serve our younger students. The Little Campus (TLC) will introduce two to five year olds to a more exciting, challenging, and fun-filled day. It is a step above the typical pre-school curriculum.