Current Testimonials in 2018


We have been a Brookfield family since 2014, and it has been such a fantastic experience! Our kids both had a wonderful and caring atmosphere in the Junior Kindergarten room at The Little Campus (TLC). The staff and teachers are so invested in what they do, and it shows. Both of our TLC students have since moved up to Main Campus, and the great experience has more than continued here. The smaller class sizes and plethora of activities built into the school day are just part of what makes Brookfield so great. The curriculum has been a great fit for our kids, and we love how challenged they have been, how caring their teachers are, and the family atmosphere the school provides. We were so lucky to find Brookfield after moving to Reno!  — Amy T,  2/14/18

My son walked into Bishop Manogue High School and excelled in all of the advanced honors classes. Thank you to Brookfield School for preparing him from Pre-1st through Middle School! 

2016 Graduate Parent

I love how you get to learn at the level you’re at in every class. 

Taylor B., 8th grade student

We love the Brookfield Staff, they have always pushed our kids to reach their full potential. 

Jessica A., TLC – 4th grade

My boys love TLC. They come home and want to read and spell out letters with enthusiasm! So cute. Listening to them sing their Spanish, French, and Chinese songs to us is priceless. They are always smiling when I pick them up. 

Bethany A., TLC – Pre-1st Parent

This school is amazing. We love the teachers and the curriculum. Eli has excelled so quickly. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Bratt, and all of his friends. 

Valerie W., 2nd & 6th grade parent

My daughter thrives with the small class size and advanced curriculum. She has a wonderful group of smart, emotionally intelligent school friends.

2nd grade parent

Mrs. Gookin and Ms. K. are the best! Only 1 month at Brookfield and my son was reading. Halfway through the year, he’s soaring! Kids are kind and courteous. Classrooms are small for individual attention. Brookfield offers violin, Spanish, and Chinese as part of their kindergarten curriculum. Plus there’s an array of afterschool programs.

Bethany A., TLC – Pre-1st parent

We love the teaching staff, community, and excellent education instilled by everyone at Brookfield.

The Whitehead Family

Brookfield has a great education system and very nice teachers. Everyone gets along very well.

Madeline B., 7th grade student

Brookfield is an amazing place to teach! The staff, admin, and families here are wonderful. I look forward to coming everyday.

Mrs. Dunham, 1st Grade Teacher



My children have been attending Brookfield School since the preschool level. We have been amazed at their progress over the years with the rigorous curriculum offered. The math, science, and reading emphasis has shown incredible growth in our children’s general knowledge and retention.

Sheri J. TLC – 5th grade parent 


I love Brookfield because of the small class sizes and individual attention. 

Elementary School Parent

Brookfield is a very nurturing place. Everyone can find their nitch! There are a wide variety of programs available – certain to accommodate everyone’s preferences. I’ve been teaching here for 16 years and I love every minute of it. 

Mrs. Keppelmann, Spanish and French teacher

I love art club because Art is fun and Ms. Reid is fun! 

Madeleine K., 2nd grader

I love Brookfield School because of the children! But, I must say that I have felt so blessed to work with Mrs. Gookin. She is an amazing teacher and mentor. I have learned so much from her. 

Ms. Kuhn, Teacher

Brookfield has been a wonderful experience for both my girls. This year’s kindergarten has exceeded all expectations:  A love of learning and a respect & affection for her classroom community.  Thank you.

Pre-1st – 5th grade parent



Ms. Hayes is a phenomenal Middle School teacher. She has taken the role as a teacher of a combined 5th/6th grade with such ease with outstanding results. My child had the best 5th/6th grade experience with Ms. Hayes. 

Rachel D., TLC – 7th grade parent

I love being at Brookfield because we have such a small school and amazing teachers. 

Ella M., 6th grade student

Coach A. is an amazing teacher and comes up with lots of fun games! 

Madeline B., 7th grade

Brookfield School is a good environment for students of all ages! They incorporate fun extra-curricular classes like P.E. for everyone to enjoy. 

6th grade student

I love Brookfield School because of the sports, especially basketball. I have known Coach A. since 4th grade and he is one of my best friends.  Brookfield School has really fun classes, great teachers, and a wonderful environment! 

Joe Y., 7th grade student

I love Brookfield because I learn way more than what I would learn at a public school. 

Aiden B., 7th grade student

Mrs. Caviglia at Middle School is a great teacher. She is very compassionate and yet firm with the children. She always keeps the parents updated on the kids’ behavior and academic achievement. 

Rachel D., TLC – 7th grade Parent

I love Brookfield because of all the personalized learning I get, helping me get into a good high school. 

Natalie H., 8th grade student

Beyond the exemplary education that I received while at the school, I was the recipient of many formative and sincerely appreciated acts of kindness, patience and benevolence that have benefited me tremendously in the 21 years since. — Joshua M. Nason


What Carly has learned during the first 100 days is beyond my original expectations. I can’t wait to see what she will have learned by the end of the school year.  TLC Family


Our son had a wonderful year in his Preschool class. I am so impressed with the care they have shown and how very much he has learned.

TLC Parent

 I feel Nadia’s grown out of her shell this year. She genuinely enjoys all the activities offered; and I’m impressed with her learning. 

TLC Family


The “Love and Logic” program has really worked for our son. He is learning early that he owns responsibility for his choices and decisions. 

TLC Family

Yearly I’m amazed at the high level of staff at TLC. 

TLC Family

After six months at Brookfield’s TLC, our extremely timid daughter is now much more at ease in social situations. We attribute this change to her time spent at Brookfield. She feels comfortable in the small class size and the teachers provide an interesting, „Hands-On” curriculum filled with the books and art projects she so loves. Our daughter asks every morning if it’s a “school day”, and she is so excited when the answer is “Yes”!  

TLC Family

Our son enjoys school and loves learning. He looks forward to going to school every morning. This is because TLC has a warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where the children are ecouraged to excel!             

TLC Family

My son came to TLC after 2 years in another daycare/preschool setting. What a difference!  In a short time, he came to feel at home at TLC. The program is stimulating, developmentally appropriate and fun. My son adores his teachers and constantly talks about his friends from school.

TLC Family



We truly value the small class size and individual attention from all the staff. 

Tanya Glass – TLC through 4th Grade

Grishen has enjoyed the AR program, Hands-On-Science, and Math.  Overall he wants to be in school every single day even if it is Saturday or Sunday.     

Mrs. Hestiyas – TLC – 8th Grade

He  likes  the  advanced  math,  loves  Hands-On-Science  and Junior Great Books. 

2nd Grade Parent

I think the small class sizes afford individualized attention which greatly benefits the needs of my children’s personalities. The exceptional educational program and the sense of community is why we keep our kids at Brookfield. 

TLC and Elementary Parent

From the 1st days of school, our daughter has adjusted very well to school. She is always willing and happy to go to school every day. 

Elementary Family



 “What we like best about Brookfield…..” Leaving his current school and entering a school where he’s learning new things and teachers care about him.

— Mrs. Hudson – 7th & 8th Grade

The thing I like best this year was Catalina Island because I love the ocean.  


Project Discovery was fun but challenging!


My favorite trip was CIMI (Catalina Island). It is my favorite because of the mazes and the touch tank. 


We like the reading program, tutors, homework club, grades on- line and updates – being continually informed – teacher connections – caring staff. 

6th Grade Parent