• Become familiar with well known authors by reading selections
  • Plot, point of view, and setting are discussed
  • Independently completed book reviews
  • Increased vocabulary development
  • Monthly book reports
  • Elements of fiction: characterization, symbolism, tone, irony
  • Analysis and critique will be emphasized
  • Daily writing in journals
  • Read newspapers, periodicals, and listen to news on a regular basis
  • Effectively report information learned from media sources
  • Give orderly oral reports
  • Construct research paper from researched material
  • Accelerated Reading supplementary program with incentives
  • Foreign Languages – French or Spanish elective and Latin


  • Variety of writing: persuasive, expository, creative
  • Planning of writing and revision
  • Grammar and vocabulary building
  • Parts of speech and punctuation
  • Writing fluency, coherence and voice and mechanics
  • Spelling, handwriting, and drama are also reinforced
  • Public speaking and drama


  • Students will be assigned to appropriate math groups depending on skill level
  • Higher level ability will take pre-algebra, algebra, algebra II or geometry
  • Algebra will include polynomials, applying fractions, linear equations, and systems, rational and irrational numbers
  • Advanced students may attend an appropriate math class at Monogue High School


  • Reading, experiments, note-taking, demonstrations, in individual and small group activities
  • Study the properties and structure of matter, periodic law, and the periodic table of elements
  • Practice scientific method and critical thinking
  • Human biology and heredity will be explored and in relation to human sexuality
  • Elementary Physics to identify and use formulas dealing with motion, fluid forces, work, power and energy
  • Learn about the use and misuse of substances: drug awareness
  • Prepare a science experiment for school wide and regional competition along with a research paper from researched materials
  • Attend Catalina Island Marine Institute


  • People and events which formed contemporary American society
  • Cause and effect relationships will be explored
  • The roles of women and minorities in forming our current values
  • Note taking skills
  • Outlining
  • A formal term paper will be required
  • Government
  • Current events


  • Develop skills at Lakeridge Tennis Club in swimming, tennis, weights, basketball, volleyball, and other group sports
  • Or, extend skills and confidence in basketball, soccer, and volleyball guided by the Brookfield coaching staff
  • Develop personal sense of wellness
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship


  • Extend keyboarding skills
  • Power Point projects
  • Use of computer for assignments involving writing, problem solving
  • Utilize increasingly complex programs at teacher direction, including writing and editing using spell check, and other functions
  • Maintain individual disk with personal writing
  • Responsible use of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Spread sheet, letter writing, graphics, data base, web publishing applications will be explored
  • Write, edit, compile and distribute a fully illustrated student newspaper


  • Project Discovery field trip to Sky Tavern for team building ropes course Community Service is encouraged
  • Student government participation including election of officers
  • Accelerated Reading (rewards program)
  • Invention Convention/Science Fair/Physics demonstration choices
  • French and/or Spanish and Latin
  • Spectra Art (art appreciation curriculum)
  • Friendship classes
  • Upper class socials planning and implementation
  • Daily hot lunch
  • Skiing, martial arts, chess, tennis, Spanish, and clay class available
  • Music for musical presentations
  • Europe travel experience
  • Lakeridge Tennis Club is available
  • Elective classes such as journalism, guitar, cooking, art appreciation, yearbook preparation
  • Economics through Junior Achievement is explored
  • Lessons in boarding or skiing are available in winter
  • Outdoor Education program provided by Yosemite Institutes, outdoor winter survival, and other outdoor camps/activities