• In class and small group discussion on selected stories and books
  • Library terms, usage and techniques
  • Increased vocabulary development
  • Monthly book reports
  • Guided to choose their literature therefore exerting ownership
  • Analysis and critique will be emphasized
  • Daily writing in journals
  • Read for pleasure on a regular basis
  • Read newspapers, periodicals, and learned from media sources
  • Give orderly oral reports
  • Construct research paper from researched material
  • Develop topic sentences for paragraphs
  • Take notes from a variety of sources: complete rough draft
  • Demonstrate independence producing report on assigned topic
  • Poetry in free verse form


  • Sentence skill writing and language usage will be explored
  • Writing of paragraphs, narratives, book reviews, and research reports
  • Capitalize and punctuate direct and broken quotations
  • Parts of speech and punctuation
  • Identify and use compound and complex sentence structure
  • Spelling, handwriting, and drama are also reinforced


  • Whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers in all of the operations
  • Use Roman numerals through 499
  • Simple geometry
  • Percent, measurement, problem solving, and applied math
  • Writing and speaking skills will be developed working in small groups on demonstrating concepts, and problem solving
  • Write fractions for ratios
  • Simple equation solving, hands on if necessary
  • After these skills are mastered, they will change to a class that best fits their Math developmental level
  • Stanford University distance learning is available as a supplement for advanced students


  • Reading, experiments, note-taking, demonstrations, in individual and small group activities
  • General science topics: plants, animals, matter, oceans, energy, motion
  • Practice scientific method and critical thinking
  • Earth sciences will be explored, including universe, structure of the earth, changing earth and geologic times
  • Learn about the use and misuse of substances: drug awareness
  • A short human sexuality unit will also be included
  • Prepare a science experiment for school wide and regional competition along with a research paper from researched materials


  • Interpret information from charts, maps, graphs
  • Study ancient civilizations of the world
  • Current events
  • Geography will be emphasized
  • Understand the causes and effects in the geopolitical realm
  • Recognize significance of the constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the value and meaning of money, economics and capitalism
  • Current events and world situations
  • Report using guided exploration of the internet for research


  • Develop stamina for running during cardiovascular workout
  • Refine throwing, catching, punting, dribbling, kicking, ball skills
  • Develop skills at Lakeridge Tennis Club in swimming, tennis, weights, basketball, soccer, and volleyball guided by the Brookfield coaching staff
  • Develop personal sense of wellness
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship


  • Extend knowledge of IBM environment including loading, and running software, retrieving personal writing, graphic enhancements
  • Extend keyboarding skills
  • Power Point projects
  • Use of computer for assignments involving, writing, problem solving
  • Responsible for careful care when borrowing school laptops
  • Utilize increasingly complex programs at teachers direction, including some Writing and editing using spell check, and other functions
  • Maintain individual disk with personal writing
  • Responsible use of the Internet and the World Wide Web


  • Project Discovery field trip to Sky Tavern for team building ropes course
  • Field trips
  • Accelerated Reading (rewards program)
  • Invention Convention
  • French and/or Spanish and Latin
  • Spectra Art (art appreciation curriculum)
  • Handwriting carefully supervised
  • Friendship classes
  • Daily hot lunch
  • Skiing, martial arts, chess, tennis, Spanish, and clay class available
  • Music for musical presentations
  • Science camp, west coast and east coast, or Europe travel experience
  • Lakeridge Tennis Club is available
  • Elective classes such as journalism, guitar, cooking, art appreciation, yearbook preparation
  • Economics through Junior Achievement is explored
  • Lessons in boarding or skiing are available in winter