We are very proud of the fine academic tradition of Brookfield, with 35 years of experience and many successful graduates.

We are offering a well-rounded curriculum, including Honors options in Literature and Math, Art, Music, Spanish, Drama, Computer Lab and Journalism, and other exciting electives. Our popular after school math & robotics program gives our students opportunities to improve their skills and to experience the fun of competition with other private schools. Our qualified, experienced teachers are dedicated to the well being of the whole child as the student enters a new phase of his or her educational journey.

“What we like best about Brookfield…..” Leaving his current school and entering a school where he’s learning new things and teachers care about him.                           

Mrs. Hudson – 7th & 8th Grade


Our middle school students are preparing academically and socially for high school and our global society. Brookfield’s successful approach uses traditional curriculum, safe and small class sizes, a nurturing environment, and certified
classroom teachers. Our curriculum offers subject areas such as: mathematics, phonics, reading/ literature, writing (customized writing plans for each student), spelling, penmanship, social studies/history, health, and science.  Daily emphasis is on the core subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, as well as social and emotional skills.  Skill building in areas of academics, character, values, and social skills are all integral for the healthy whole child.

Brookfield School has consistently placed in the top 93rd percentile nationally in mathematics and reading. Our second through eighth grades placed in the top 95th percentile nationally in language, and our third through eighth grades placed in the top 94th percentile nationally in science. It is with the individual attention and care that each teacher provides our students along with the parent’s personal investment in their child that we are able to show such amazing national scores.