Employment at Brookfield

Brookfield School is always looking for excellent teachers who love children and are passionate about their intellectual, social, emotional, and artistic growth. Candidates must also demonstrate strong teaching ability, possess superb recommendations, and have excellent communication and organization skills. Applications and interviews occur on an ongoing and as needed basis.


  • Teachers at Brookfield facilitate great student growth and set the stage for self-directed learning, which fosters an ethic of independence and responsibility.
  • A teacher at Brookfield engages children in deep learning, one that focuses on big questions and strong connections. Our teaching standards are high and teachers are well supported by an experienced staff of educators.
  • A teacher at Brookfield plans curriculum and develops projects that engage students in hands-on, active learning.
  • A teacher at Brookfield partners with parents and works to strengthen mutual trust and strong home-school connections.
  • A teacher at Brookfield uses technology to further student learning, facilitate strong family communication, and keep track of student progress.

Current Openings


None at this time.


None at this time.

Early Childhood Teacher Application
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Elementary and Middle School Staff Application