• Recognize and pronounce initial and final silent consonant sounds (gn) (mb)
  • Recognize and use suffixes and prefixes, combining forms appropriately
  • Develop increases number of synonyms and homonyms
  • Identify unstated main idea
  • Verbally summarize a story
  • Recognize autobiography, folk tale, and tall tale
  • Recognize and interpret figurative language, exaggeration, point of view
  • Recognize flashback
  • Identify elements that make characters interesting
  • Define and recognize analogy
  • Read for pleasure
  • Read content area materials with understanding
  • Monthly book reports
  • Draw conclusion making inferences


  • Underline titles
  • Capitalize proper nouns, historical and calendar events, and geographical names
  • Spelling includes irregular plurals and prefixes
  • Identify verb phrases and forms of “be” helping words
  • Identify and use adjectives and adverbs in writing
  • Complete book reports utilize commas in quotation
  • Identify and correctly use present, past, future tense of verb
  • Utilize pronunciation guide for the parts of speech, multiple meanings, and syllabication
  • Take notes from written material
  • Gather data on assigned topics
  • Write an outline and formal report following teacher format
  • Recognize and correct run-on sentences and sentence fragments
  • Write poetry and short plays


  • Saxon 5/6
  • Read tables, graphs, and maps accurately
  • Round to nearest 1,000
  • Estimate differences through 4 digits
  • Find multiples and factors
  • Multiply 3 digit by 2 digit numbers
  • Find averages
  • Divide 4 digit by 1 digit number with 3 digit quotients, and with 0 in quotient
  • Use formula to find perimeter and area
  • Identify word name for given fraction
  • Add and subtract decimals
  • Read and interpret broken line graph
  • Choose appropriate unit for length, weight, and temperature
  • Determine simplest form of a fraction
  • Write ratio in fraction form
  • Subtract mixed numbers with different denominators
  • Compute the square unit of area
  • Reduce fraction to lowest terms
  • Identify and draw right, acute, and obtuse angles
  • Solve word problems for basic operations
  • Find missing addends, given sum, missing subtrahend/minuend given difference
  • Math journals
  • Calculate change up to $10.00
  • Read and write time to the minute
  • Stanford University distance learning is available as a supplement for advanced students


  • Explore topics of interest like oceanography: bottom topography, resources of the ocean, marine animals and their adaptation, and marine ecology
  • Animal behavior, plants, light, and sound
  • Classify within the animal kingdom
  • Learn about magnets and electricity
  • Learn about heart, human body
  • Units such as Solar System, Crystals/Rocks, and minerals
  • Practice safety skills
  • Nutrition
  • Social skills
  • Learn about the chain of infection


  • Globe models, continents
  • Reports on states and their capitols
  • Current events
  • Geography and map making
  • Natural landscapes of our country costal areas, prairies, forests, mountains, and deserts and the characteristics of each
  • Native Americans and Pilgrims and others who lived on these landscapes
  • Nevada history and its relationship to United States history
  • Famous Historical people


  • Develop stamina for running during cardiovascular workout
  • Refine throwing, catching, punting, dribbling, kicking, ball skills
  • Develop skills in track and field, 50 yard dash, long jump, and softball throw
  • Extend skills and confidence in basketball, soccer, and volleyball
  • Extend skill and enjoyment of gymnastics, dance, and recreational activities


  • Identify various parts of the computer
  • Knowledge and use of computer menu
  • Power point with simple projects
  • Utilize software programs at teacher direction
  • Practice keyboarding
  • Utilize increasingly complex programs at teacher direction, including some writing and editing using spell check and other functions
  • Maintain individual disk with personal writing
  • Extend editing skills
  • Utilize array of software programs for extending learning: math, grammar, reading, social studies, science, and research


  • Field trips
  • Accelerated Reading(rewards program
  • Invention Convention
  • French and/or Spanish
  • Individual and group performances for students and parents
  • Spectra Art (art appreciation curriculum)
  • Handwriting carefully supervised
  • Friendship classes
  • Daily hot lunch
  • Skiing, martial arts, chess, tennis, Spanish, and clay class available
  • Music for musical presentations
  • Science camp, west and east coast, or Europe travel experience