Fundamental learning activities stimulate awareness and creativity, as well as gently prepare your child for a natural progression into our Jr. Kindergarten.

Children learn vital social skills such as waiting their turn, following rules, and listening to others. Communication and expressing feelings are encouraged. Children learn to follow multi step directions, and participate in simple routines.

Children are taught pre-reading skills and phonemic awareness. We have a challenging language arts program that incorporates many wonderful storybooks. Our interactive phonics program provides children with a kinesthetic learning experience. Children sing songs, recite nursery rhymes and poems. Learning to listen to and participate in stories are skills practiced daily. Listening comprehension and awareness of print in everyday surroundings are highly emphasized in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom.

Children will have ample opportunity for creative artistic expression every day. Open easel painting is offered daily in the Pre-K classroom. Art is viewed as a process rather than a product, and creativity and fun are key elements in our preschool art program.

Pre-math skills are introduced with a focus on patterns and classification, basic geometry and measurement, numbers and quantities.

Our hands-on-science program provides a wonderful multi- sensory experience. Children are introduced to the beautiful physical world surrounding them.

Gross motor and fine motor movement exercises occur daily. Our Pre-K classroom has a variety of daily writing and fine motor activities encouraging and preparing children to write. Children have ample opportunity for unstructured outdoor play each and every day.

Foreign languages such as French, Spanish, and Mandarin are introduced through games, songs, and stories by our foreign language specialty teachers.

Children participate in our wonderful Music and Movement program led by our specialty dance and music instructor.

Children have ample opportunity for hands-on practice with technology as each classroom is equipped with iPads. iPads in the classroom have the ability to challenge the needs of a variety of students with different capabilities.

Pre-K offers the following program options:

  • Monday โ€“Friday 8:45-12:30
  • Monday-Friday 8:45-3:00
  • Mon-Wed-Fri 8:45-12:30
  • Mon-Wed-Fri 8:45-3:00
  • Tues-Thursday 8:45-12:30
  • Tues-Thursday 8:45-3:00

*Before Care and After Care 7:30am โ€“ 6:00pm is available as well.