A child’s first school experience will influence the rest of his/her life academically, socially, and emotionally. Our programs are designed to excite the young child about learning and school in a loving, safe, and compassionate environment. Our preschool program is both highly academic and developmentally appropriate.


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Brookfield’s The Little Campus (TLC) programs are designed to excite the young child about learning and school. Our programs are developmentally appropriate and highly academic for a preschool setting. We are working on our social and self help skills in the youngest classes while developing Math, Phonics, early reading skills, Spanish, French, Art, and fine motor skills (penmanship.) We have added critical thinking skills for our youngest students! We continue to explore our world with science, cooking, outdoor large muscle play, computers, and music and movement. Early mastery of reading and mathematical fluency enables older children to make swift progression into more advanced subjects and at a faster rate.


After six months at Brookfield’s TLC, our extremely timid daughter is now much more at ease in social situations. We attribute this change to her time spent at Brookfield. She feels comfortable in the small class size and the teachers provide an interesting, „Hands-On” curriculum filled with the books and art projects she so loves. Our daughter asks every morning if it’s a “school day”, and she is so excited when the answer is “Yes”!

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Our son enjoys school and loves learning. He looks forward to going to school every morning. This is because TLC has a warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where the children are encouraged to excel!

TLC Family

Young children must feel safe, secure, and loved before they can reach their full academic potential in a school setting. We meet this vital need with loving, consistent teachers, positive reinforcement, and Love and Logic guidance.

We invite you to visit and see enthusiastic, happy students and dedicated teachers all working towards academic excellence. You will understand why Brookfield School, educating children for over 30 years, has earned a well-deserved reputation as Reno’s best private school. Our students become excited learners and capable, confident testers, testing in the top 10% in the country on the Stanford Achievement Test when they continue their education at Main Campus.

The Little Campus (TLC) will introduce your child to an exciting, challenging, and fun-filled day. It is steps above the typical early childhood program. As your child enters our program, they will build habits and share experiences, which will help them, succeed later in school. Our goal is to provide a strong sense of self-esteem, a curiosity about learning, and an enthusiasm for schooling. These proven traits build future academic success.

We make every effort to provide a happy, safe, clean, and loving environment through out the day for your child. Our activities are planned to make all aspects of learning fun and rewarding. We provide programs for children ages 12 months to 5 years old. Class sizes are small and personal, allowing for unique and exciting curriculum.

Our teachers are highly qualified and have considerable experience in early childhood education. The teachers are thoroughly screened and have on-going training. We conduct regular evaluations and planning sessions. Our staff annually attends training in early childhood education.

Your child benefits most from enthusiastic, well-trained, happy teachers. We make every effort to keep a healthy working environment. Children are in small groups for maximum possible individual attention. You have to visit to appreciate all we accomplish in a day! 

We encourage self-help skills. Teachers prepare the environment for your child to learn through active exploration. The teachers are always there to help, guide, and encourage. We carefully track progress in self-concept, self-initiative, attitude, verbal response, acceptance of others, interaction, and participation. It is important to us that your child receives the very best education, care, and attention possible.