Friday, December 16th: Special Holiday Assemblies
  • Elementary/Middle School
    • 8:30 AM – Weekly Friday Assembly
    • 9:00 AM – Holiday Sing-A-Long with the Choir, Brookfield Bear-i-tones
  • TLC
    • 9:45 AM –Holiday All-School Assembly with a SPECIAL VISITOR-NOTE DELAY IN START!
Monday, December 19th – Friday, December 30th: Schools Closed for Winter Break / Vacation Camp Available for Those Who Registered, Please RSVP.
Monday, January 2, 2017: School Resumes
Friday, January 13th: Mount Rose Youth Lessons Begin

Please see important ESA information at the bottom of this newsletter!

It was a big week for Brookfield Basketball. Last Saturday's Parent/Teacher vs. Student game was so much fun, and we hope to make this an annual tradition! Thank you to all the parents, staff, and students who joined the excitement. We have had some great wins and close games this season. This past Monday, we travelled to Loyalton, where two of our three teams won. Our first-ever girls team had a thrilling victory. Congratulations to all of the players and Coach Aitchison!

WINTER BREAK - Schools will be closed for Winter Break from December 19th to December 30th. We will return on Monday, January 2nd. Winter Vacation Camp for students pre-enrolled will be held at the TLC Preschool campus (located at 185 Redfield Pkwy). Schools are closed for the weeks of February 20-24, 2017 and April 17-21, 2017. We will offer vacation camps both weeks.

JANUARY HOT LUNCH - We are excited about our new hot lunch service, Farm Fresh Catering. They will begin serving lunches when we return from winter break. All ordering will be done on their website, which will open for our families the week prior to the start date. Please go to to review their commitment to organic and wholesome foods to serve our school!

JANUARY SKI PROGRAM HAS LIMITED AVAILABLITY - SIGN UP NOW! Brookfield School will be participating in the Mount Rose Youth Lessons this year on Friday afternoons for interested students ages 4 - 13. Mount Rose is accepting registrations now, and space is very limited. Please visit: and follow the instructions for registering for Friday 2:00 PM Ski or Snowboard. The 2017 Session II dates are Fridays 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3 and 2/10. Another 5-week session will start in March. While we try our best to organize a rideshare program, we cannot guarantee transportation to and from the mountain. Please do not sign up your child for the program unless you can attend.


Mark Your Calendars!

Friday, December 16th - 9:45 am, NOTE DELAYED START!- Special Holiday Assembly-All School! Pajama Day! All students may wear their festive pajamas to school this day! Be ready for an extra special holiday visitor as well!
Friday, January 6th: All School Assembly
Friday, January 13th: All School Assembly
Friday, January 20th: Grizzly Bear Class Assembly
Friday, January 27th: Polar Bear Class Assembly

TLC families are encouraged to attend the Scholastic Book Fair evening event on Wednesday, December 7th at 6:00 pm at the Middle School. There will be singing, violins, and refreshments. This book fair will have reading materials and holiday gifts appropriate for Pre-School to Middle School students.
We have really enjoyed learning about holidays, families, and family tradition this month! Our school is full of fun and festive art, stories, and decorations! When we return from Winter Break we are looking forward to learning about winter, snow, ice and the animals that live in places like the Arctic!

Everyone here at TLC would like to take the time to wish you all a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family! We hope that you all have a wonderful and safe time over the next two weeks!

Happiest of Holidays and Happy New Year!
Brookfield School


The 3rd grade classes are holding a food drive through tomorrow, Thursday, December 15th to help local families during this holiday season. We are asking for each student to bring in at least two non-perishable food items. There will be milk crates in each classroom and a surprise reward for each student who brings in two items.

Join us THIS FRIDAY, December 16th at 9:00 am, after assembly in the Elementary School Great Room for a Holiday Sing-A-Long with Dr. Flora and the Brookfield Bear-i-tones. The Sing-A-Long will follow the regular weekly assembly.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SKI/BOARD CLUB STARTS IN JANUARY: Parent participation is needed with carpool, skiing, and lodge support. 4th – 8th grade students interested in skiing/boarding together on Friday afternoons as a group are invited to join Mrs. Johnson for Ski Club beginning Friday, January 13th. Students must be able, experienced skiers and have a season pass or buy lift tickets. All skiers/boarders will be released to the Middle School Multipurpose Room at 12:30 pm to have bag lunch and to change into ski wear. All drivers should depart the school by 12:45 pm and coordinate with Mrs. Johnson. Beginning skiers may carpool together, but once at Mr. Rose, they must be enrolled/participate in the Mt. Rose youth lessons. Students are not allowed to ski alone. Let your teacher or Mrs. Johnson know if you are interested.
1st Annual Parent/Staff vs. Student Basketball Championship
Brookfield School

SIGN UP FOR JANUARY NOW! KidScape Productions offers before, during, and after school workshops. Their high-energy, engaging curriculum is focused on developing important life skills through the creative outlet of professional acting, role play, improvisation, breath, and yoga. Their mindful approach to communication skills, social awareness, and confidence in speaking successfully builds, balances, and enhances physical and mental flexibility; emotional understanding and regulation; identifying and using social cues; as well as memory, recall, optimism, empathy, self-acceptance, self-esteem. Please see their links below.

Link for winter camps:
Link for Afterschool:
Quick links:
Full session:
1 hour drop in:
A fun 1 minute video on what we do and why we think it matters:


A message from Larry Wilson, the wonderful magician who performed for our students last month:

On behalf of everyone at Education Renaissance of Nevada Initiative, we thank you and all the families at Brookfield School for your generous donation of $1,290.00. You have made it possible for SPELLBINDERS to be an exciting, eye-opening experience for everyone in our community. You are living proof that Nevada shines and we sincerely appreciate your support.

What a fantastic Holiday Book Fair! We hope you were able to stop by the Middle School and spend time in the PTA Scholastic Book Fair last week. Thank you to the PTA and their parent volunteers for running the Book Fair, and to the students and parents who purchased items, played violin, and sang in the choir. The PTA was able to donate books to Donner Springs Elementary School, who were very grateful for their holiday gifts!

Brookfield School


STATE OF NEVADA – Treasurers Office – Educational Savings Accounts(ESA) UPDATE

The Education Savings Account Program (ESA) provides a means for Nevada Parents with children enrolled in a public/charter school to choose a different option to meet their educational needs. A parent who wishes to choose an alternative to a public school simply can apply for an Education Savings Account and a percentage of what the state funds for their child's public education will be deposited into an account for that child. The funds can then be used for education related expenses at approved participating entities. Nevada's ESA program is being administered by the State Treasurer's Office (STO), who is responsible for establishing the regulations, timelines, and program successes.

A student must attend a Nevada public/charter school for at least 100 uninterrupted school days immediately prior to submitting an application for an account (OR under 7 years old). For more information on the program or to see eligibility requirements, please download a copy of our of the parent handbook on the web site ESA funds may be used for educational expenses such as: private school tuition, tuition at eligible institutions, distance education, curriculum, tutoring, fees, transportation, specialized services or therapies for students with a disability.

ESA Enrollment Period Now Open

Message from NPRI: Everyone who has completed an ESA application prior to this current registration period — whether in 2015 or 2016, through email, online or in hardcopy — will have to sign-in to the Treasurer's new ESA portal- to verify and/or update their application in the new system.

To see if your application has been moved into the new system: Go to the portal's "forgot password" and enter your email. If your application IS in the new system, it will walk you through creating a new password. On the other hand, if your application ISN'T in the system yet, it will say "Email ID does Not Exist." This means the Treasurer has not yet transferred your data into the system, so be patient. Also, if you haven't received an email from the Treasurer asking you to come to the new site verify the information there, please DO NOT REAPPLY! Doing so could impact your eligibility.

Again, everyone who applied for an ESA before this current registration period, including those families who received an acceptance letter, must verify and/or update their applications through the new ESA portal. For those who've been asked to verify their information:

  1. Go to the Treasurer's ESA portal - and click "Already a Member?"
  2. Use the same email address the Treasurer contacted you with as your Username.
  3. If you already have a password, enter it.
  4. If you do not remember or never had a password to the ESA portal, click on the "Forgot Password" tab and enter your email address. The Treasurer's office will send you an email with a Link to reset your password.
    Once in the portal, on the first page you will create your main dashboard. This is primarily parent information. This will be your dashboard to access all your children's accounts later.
  1. Verify that the information is correct. Make any changes that are needed (address, phone etc.…)
  2. Upload any missing documents, even if you previously supplied them.
  3. New documentation will be required to be uploaded for all applicants:
    • Report cards, letter from school or attendance record to prove 100 days of enrollment if over age seven
    • Proof of income
  4. Parents should mark themselves as a participating entity in order to receive reimbursements for allowable expenses paid up-front.
  5. If you want to keep your records private, be sure to checkmark the box indicating such.
  6. Once you've updated your page, locate your child's name in the "Select Student" drop down list and hit "Update ESA Account" to review that child's application
  7. Remember, verify the student information as it was at the time of application!
    • Do not change the age, grade, etc… to the current status. For example, if your child is a girl and was age 6 when you applied, but is now 7 years old. Make sure she's marked Female, but leave her age as 6 years old. That's how old she was on the date you applied.
  8. After you have gone through each "next" button and have updated all the student information and uploaded your documents, press "complete."
    • If you have missing information, the system will kick you back so you can correct it.
  9. Repeat the process for each child. If your child is not listed, it is because he/she is not yet in the system. (Don't reapply.)
    • If you have applied for multiple children and one or more of your children are not listed, don't panic! It just means the Treasurer has not yet completed transferring their information into the new system. Once again, do not reapply! The Treasurer will get everyone put into the system shortly.
  10. If you have any other problems, you can submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

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